Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where Has Our Blogger Gone?

Vintage Erotica Tarot- Six of Swords
It's a valid question, where has our tarot and astrology, love and sex, sinner and saint blogger gone?  So many promising sites begin, only to languish as their creator runs out of ideas.

Well, I promise you I have not run out of ideas, and this will not be a languishing black hole on the Internet.  This is, in fact, where I plan to do most of my tarot writing, as much as I adore 78 Whispers In My Ear, where I will also continue writing.

I have been dealing with a herniated disc in my back, and while everything is plenty good at home, in all the rooms, I assure you, it is not so much fun to write about sex when you are limited in the ways you can express yourself sexually. (Luckily I am fluent in several languages.)

I've needed time to heal, time to retreat, physically, as well as mentally and emotionally.  Let's pretend I look as delicate and ethereal as the image in this Six of Swords, from Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques, or the Vintage Erotica Tarot.  In fact, I have cried nearly every single day, but I believe myself on the way to full health again, and I prefer to think of myself as handling my sickbed as gracefully as she, in Retreat from Travail.

Vintage Erotica Tarot- Magician
To add to that, The Magician, where I decided to start my exploration of sexual expression through the tarot, had a few lessons for me, and when The Magician talks, you listen until he, or she as I have found the expression of the archetype recently, is done, or the lessons continue to present themselves.  I like lessons, and some of The Magicians' are enjoyable,but some less so, and I would rather learn them and move on, so I was not quite ready to move on to The High Priestess yet, and while I am ready to open and honest, I am not prepared to share every part of my life, nor would you want to hear about all of these lessons (well, some of you would, but you'll have to pay for that, you naughty things, in a book I may publish at some point).  As Above, So Below, such simple words, such a great big, and real concept.  Wow!

Stay tuned as I add pages, more regular content, and I look forward to more open dialogue about this, one of my favorite subjects in the world.

These lovely ladies are The Six of Swords & The Magician from Le Tarot de Femmes Erotique, The Vintage Erotica Tarot, self published by the witches at

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