Friday, July 6, 2012

Sexual Freedom

As we celebrated our countries freedom on July 4, here in America, I gave a lot of thought of what freedom means to me.  I wrote about in general terms here, but I believe who we are as sexual beings is a big chunk of who we are at all.  These cards were drawn with the intent to define what sexual freedom means to me.

The first card, the High Priestess, shows how sacred sex is in my world.  I am sexually free when I treat my bedroom and my body as a temple, when sex is worship as well as pleasure.  I believe that the Holy Trinity includes male and female entities, and the physical act of making love is mimicry of the way those energies combine on the astral plane.  Love making is, to me, one embodiment of the Lord's Prayer, "Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven."  Ecstatic union is one of the ways in which we bring the Heaven we can't quite reach yet to Earth, where we are momentarily bound, and love is always the right answer.

The second card, The Tower, furthers this belief for me, as well as represents climax.  I am sexually free when I accept that sometimes the Heavens open up and shower love upon us, and sometimes lightning strikes.  I am sexually free when I let love tear down my walls and allow pleasure and release to roll through my body like a thunderstorm.  Not least in the equation, I am sexually free when I am sated, and to be so requires an openness I am not inclined to give except in the safe warm presence of my Lover and the Divine, which is one and the same on good days.

I chuckle a bit at the third card, the Ten of Swords, the Little Death in French colloquial.  I am free in those sweet moments, when it is over yet lingering, before the ache of renewed desire has set in.  Sexual love is a rolling tide, sometimes it crashes over you, and sometimes it softly retreats.  The trick is in being able to surf those waves, enjoying the drama and the softness with equal aplomb.  I am sexually free when I surrender to the cycles of that kind of love, neither demanding more nor giving less.

The Shadow Card, the Nine of Pentacles, is placed just so to remind me that each persons' relationship to their own sexual self is the most important part of the equation.  Too many times, we make the mistake of turning over our sexual pleasure, and power, to another person, when those things are our domain, to tend to, to tease out of ourselves.  I can't expect to be a good lover, nor to have one, if I do not know how to love myself, on every level- physical, emotional, mental.  Too many times we pass off our right, and responsibility, to another person, because that is easier than coming into our true selves, but it inevitably leads to stifled satisfaction.  You are utterly desirable, so own that for yourself.  And I will, too.


  1. Great post! Keep up the good work! I am glad lately both Tarot's sensuality and humor have being re-discovered!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Ruth! I am enjoying this renaissance of tarot as I see more and more people practice it holistically, too.

  2. Oh yes baby. Love this!!!! Very true... you cannot love anyone until you loves yourself first!!! I encourage vigorous masterbation to every woman ; ) Like they say... Know Thyself *Smooches*