Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sex Magic(k)

Kamasutra Tarot- The Magician
You can have magical sex, the kind where the earth moves and Heaven sighs on your skin, where waves of pleasure wash over you and you wonder why you would ever leave your bed.  You can have sex magick, where combining something like the Law of Attraction and Dr. Ruth you get down and dirty AND create your own fortune.  Or you can combine the two.  Personally, that is my favorite option.

Any discussion of The Magician seems incomplete without looking at the word itself, and its' base, magic.  If I take a quick trip to Wikipedia, the good folks there tell me, "Magic is the art of purportedly manipulating aspects of reality either by supernatural means or knowledge of occult laws unknown to Classical Mechanics."  That sounds pretty Magician-ish, as I understand the tarot card, to me.  The article goes on to state that most modern interpretations of the word have to do with personal spiritual growth, which again seems Magician-like to me, but perhaps takes some of the wind out of the Magician's sails, which trust me, is the last effect anyone wants when we are talking about sex and its' potential.

Orgasm is a powerful force, one that people are willing to fight wars over, one that can compel otherwise rational people to do crazy things.  Smart women will do dumb things, and sane men will go absolutely nuts over the lure of that explosive release.  Why not harness that force for yourself?

I am not an expert in Law of Attraction, Sex, Magick, Tantra, or anything, really, except myself, but what I do know is energy is moving during sex, ebbing, flowing, building, climaxing, and releasing.  I do know that thoughts can be charted on scans as energy, so the internal dialogue we have with ourselves and the external one we have with our partners takes on extreme importance in moments, like sex, when we are working with energy.  In that vein, I encourage you to consistently keep your thoughts positive while engaged in sex, and that alone will go far towards making your so below as above.

Sex magick can certainly be performed with an eye towards improving sex, and even if that is not the focus it is a very likely by product, but is useful for increasing abundance and focusing on goals you may have in any aspect of life.  Sex is one of the few literal translations of flesh and Spirit entwining, of the Magician's tools having form and substance that can be touched and tasted, and as such can act as a powerful bridge between the ethereal and the corporeal.  Sending concentrated energy towards the desire of your heart while concentrated energy is coursing through your body is a double whammy of power that yields explosive results.
Tarot of Sexual Magic - Aces
Aces are the seat of power in the tarot, and they show us the raw energy of the suits.  They also relate back to The Magician, with his tools on the table for easy access.  Aces, therefore, are our visual translation of the seat of our sexual power; intense passion, deep emotion, clear and honest communication, and sensual touch.  A good exercise in preparation for sex magick can be to pull the Aces from any deck, even one of playing cards, and focusing briefly on the energy of each, feeling the heat of the Wands, the deepness of the Cups, the sharp clarity of the Swords, and the firmness of the Pentacles.  We feel how deep our passion is for our goal, we feel how good it will be to reach it, we have a clear intention for reaching it, and we feel exactly how it will taste, look, sound, respond, and be like.  Looking through an erotic deck, or other images that embody the spirit of the element to you, can be exciting moments of anticipation, either with yourself, or a lover, and that energy is supremely powerful, too.

Sex magick can be performed alone, to great result, for any aspect of life, to draw a partner, to release one, to increase abundance, to get a new job, as well as with a willing partner of any gender preference.  The limit is, as with every aspect of The Magician, your imagination.  It is probably most powerful if you are both focused on one goal, but if you are shy to discuss it or both have issues to work on, it is perfectly acceptable to perform your own ritual in your head, where you should always be free to be exactly who you are.

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