Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Magician's Power Spread

I hardly think we can have a tarot and sex blog without having some spreads... (The jokes never stop here, folks!)  Today, in keeping with the inaugural post about The Magician, let's play with that energy a bit.

My hypothesis about The Magician in readings that are sexual in nature is the card indicates power, both ours and our partners, having it in spades, or feeling powerless.

The first position the Magician puts us in is, Show me where or how I am powerful, sexually speaking.

The Magician's second favorite position is, Show me where or how I need to claim my power.

The Magician's third position is, Show me where or how I am expressing power to my detriment.  (After laying all the cards, you are free to pull an advice card here, for how you can turn that poor expression into a healthy one.)

The final card is, Show me a Magician's tool I have been overlooking as I seek to make my fantasies my reality.

When reading sexually charged questions, or just with the intent to understand your or your partners, potential or in fact, sexuality, you can certainly use erotic themed decks, if they are pleasing to you.  The imagery will arrange itself to give the answers that are true for you.  You can also use any tarot deck, as traditional and modern imagery are both rife with symbolism that can be read sexually, and with a little imagination you will be seeing it everywhere.

Here is a sample reading:
Magician's Sexual Power Spread

Card One- Show me where or how I am powerful, sexually speaking: Six of Wands.  This is a card of triumph, victory, and adulation.  The Wands cannot be dismissed as obvious phallic symbols, and the riding of the horse indicates riding of a sexual nature.  The Querent reaches and gives satisfaction easily and often.  They may have an exhibitionist streak in them that can be safely played out through the use of mirrors, photography and video equipment, or more daringly so with a willing partner in other ways the partners may dream up.  If they enjoy being on display for their partner, a fantasy scenario in which the partner "spies" on the other while self pleasuring could be immensely satisfying for both.  The Querent is probably physically beautiful and desirable, and probably enjoys feeling desired and praised for their prowess.

Card Two- Show me where or how I need to claim my power: Ace of Wands.  The Querent will be well served by acknowledging the role the masculine has in pleasure, and not to take it for granted.  If the person  is involved with a man, they should literally touch their partner more, with confidence and boldness, like his penis is irrestible.  He will love it.  A female Querent should consider the role insertion has in her pleasure, even if her taste does not run to actual penises, and a male Querent may wish to consider this as well, for themselves.  A male Querant of any sexual preference should acknowledge and revel in the pure pleasure their penis gives them and their partner, and should be open to the spontaneity of expressing that pleasure wherever it is safe to do so, and some places that may not feel entirely safe.  The imagery suggests an outdoor interlude could be supremely exciting, the breeze brushing on naked skin, the thrill of the sun shining bright on every desire.  The Querant is advised to give themselves over to pleasure, desire, and creative fantasy a little more than they may have previously been open to. Let it burn, baby.

Card Three- Show me how I am expressing power to my detriment: Justice.  The Querent may be far more tit for tat than love, or at least healthy sexual sharing, may call for.  Sometimes we have to give when we have not in fact received, and based on the first card, it may be very difficult for the Querent to be left wanting.  They may feel when they have performed, they deserve the same service in kind, and may be reluctant to give freely, without thought of what they will be getting.  They may have a habit of making their partner pay in the bedroom for things that have happened outside of the bedroom, and because of the heavy weight of this Major Arcana, I feel they probably revel in the power to make their partner "beg for it".  Begging is a perfectly acceptable expression of desire and sexual play, but only if both partners agree and neither is humiliated by it (unless one wants to be humiliated, but that is a contract implied by agreement).  There is no room in love for right, wrong, nor the bearing of grudges, and neither partner can be safe to fully let go and express themselves if they fear recrimination.

As advice for this card, I pulled the Nine of Pentacles, a self sufficient figure who tends all her own needs.  Instead of resenting the partner, the Querent should practice sexual self care, and a willingness to be responsible for their own pleasure, instead of putting the burden of it on their partner.  As a woman of means, the Nine of Pentacles advises investing in erotica, toys, movies, and any physical items that will enhance your pleasure and place the domain of pleasure solely in the control of the Querent.  They should not exclude their partner, but they should be willing to spend some quality time both alone and with their partner, growing to understand more fully what brings them pleasure and how to elicit those intense waves.  Enjoy your own sensuality for no other than reason than your body is beautiful and designed to experience pleasure.  The numerology of the card suggests finding nine ways to pleasure yourself, from the light touch of a feather to the earthy flavor of a partner's skin, and anything you can dream up.

Card Four- Show me a Magician's tool I have been overlooking as I seek to make my fantasies reality: Knight of Wands.  This Knight is a go getter, and as Air of Fire burns the most hotly of any court card, in perpetual passion and energy.  He knows what he wants, and he pursues it.  The preponderance of Wands in this reading suggests the Querent will be best served by cultivating passion in their lives, that maybe they have often brushed it aside as unimportant or childish, but their heavy appearance in reading testifies that simply isn't true for this sitter.  They need to let their sexuality free, and follow where it leads without reservation.  This card relates to Sagittarius, the constant seeker, in astrology, and they would do well to mine their imagination for new ways to thrill themselves and their partner.  In this case, variety truly is the spice of life, and will be the spice in the sex life of these partners if actively pursued.

I always, always peek at the shadow card of any reading, the card on the bottom of the deck, on the theory we put the information we most don't want to face furthest away from ourselves.  In this reading, that card is the Three of Cups.  The Querent may suffer from insecurities or jealousy, and fears the partner fantasizes about other people.  They may fear the only hold they have over their partner is sexual pleasure, which may be part of why they withhold as seen in the Justice card.  They fear if the partner realizes joy and pleasure can come from other places the partner may leave them.  The Querent should work on their trust issues, to begin to understand that all relationships continue by choice of willing partners.

This card could also point to one of the partner's desire to bring another person into their play, and if it shows up in a detrimental position, it is likely both partners are not on board.  Neither partner should ever be made to feel ashamed of their desires and fantasies, and both should be willing to explore them in dialogue if not actuality.  Thinking the classic porno version of a threesome looks fun is a far cry from actually trying to please two (or more) people at once, and it should always be safe to at least discuss fantasies, and at try them on for size.  No one is saying you have to commit to the deed.

I hope this reading, and this spread, are illuminating to you, and know it is my pleasure to have written them!

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